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Specialist Growers of Madagascan and African Succulents


Succulents are a fascinating group of plants that live in a very wide range of habitats throughout the world, from tropical rain forests to dry savannah, from hot arid deserts to some of the wettest place on earth.

They grow in an immense variety of shapes and sizes from small underground geophytes less than 2 cm diameter to trees over 10 meters tall., they can have woody stems, fleshy stems, leafy stems and all things in between.

So if you have never grown a succulent before have a look at some of the plants we have on offer, we are sure you will be tempted to have a go at growing some of these amazing plants. You may think that with such diversity these plants will be difficult to cultivate and for sure there are some tricky ones among them but mostly the plants will be able to be grown successfully on a window sill and be happy to be treated as most house plants.

Once you have mastered some of the easier ones then you can try some of the more unusual plants and you will also be surprised to find that these are not so difficult either providing a few basic rules are abided by.

One thing to be aware of though is that most plants will not tolerate too cold conditions for a prolonged period of time, so do not leave them on a cold window sill behind the curtains when there is frost about.

Most of the leafy succulents you will find are deciduous and will want to lose their leaves over winter, this is normal and you should not be concerned.

We have attached a few pictures of some of the plants that we have stocked in the past.

Euphorbia vigueri

Pachypodium succulentum

Sarcocaulon crassicaule

Tylecodon paniculata

Euphorbia gotlebei

Euphorbia cylindrifolia v.tubifera



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